orphans, bastards and brawlers

orphans, bastards and brawlers

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Sloppy seconds, anyone?  How ‘bout thirds?  The first guy who starts fucking her is a goooooood fuck.  Loved watching him pound away at that pussy; and that the camera guy knew not to zoom all the way in the whole time like so many others do.  By the time he shoots his load in her at 1:57 and we see him reveal that Prince Albert piercing… I lost it, obviously, considering my own bedazzled package.  HOT!

Guy #2 begins poundin’ it  @ 3:17.  Sooo fuckin’ nice and sloppy.  Enter guy #3 @ 4:35.  As he’s sliding it in her doggy style we REALLY get to enjoy the view of the other guys’ cum all over his cock.  With all the sloppy creampies plus the added PA bonus, this has become an instant fave.  Brilliant folloer submission!  Hint, hint… I love finding porn where the guy is wearing a PA; it’s soooo rare in straight porn.  Can you help me find more?

EDIT: Re-posted this, as I hated the embed player of the re-blogged version I posted earlier; it auto-played and I hate that.  

Submitted by Xristos.

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